About us

Qasaed (Kuh-sa’ed) is the Arabic word for poems, and poetry has never been so trendy and fashionable.
Qasaed Jewelry was born in 2017 with a mission to revive the beauty of poetry and calligraphy through contemporary fashion. Our unique pieces combine the magic of handwritten Arabic quotes and phrases with modern design. Thus creating personalized fashion jewelry that is unmatched in the Arab region.
We take pride in preserving traditional crafts and promoting the art of calligraphy, all while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Our collection includes bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, keychains, and more. All being made with high-quality materials like 18-karat gold-plated brass, pure gold, and genuine leather in various colors.
We believe that in a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, there’s still something special about wearing poetry on your person. Each piece tells a story. And our calligraphers meticulously write each quote by hand to ensure its magic is transferred onto the jewelry.
Wear poetry and make a statement with Qasaed Jewelry, the leading fashion jewelry brand that’s all about preserving tradition while staying ahead of the game.